About ARQP

ARKAN – The Amateur Radio Klub of the Arkansas Northwest, has had the pleasure of sponsoring the Arkansas QSO Party since 2003. The ARQP is held each year on the 2nd Saturday in May. Stations worldwide outside the State of Arkansas, work stations in Arkansas only.   Arkansas stations work everyone. There are 75 Arkansas counties which are the multipliers for out-of-state participants (see ARQP rules). For in-state Arkansas stations, there are the 75 Arkansas counties, 49 states, 13 Canadian provinces, and 1 DX multiplier (see ARQP rules).

In recent years past, we have seen a steady growth of interest and participation in the ARQP.  This is due, in part, to our fixed stations all around the state, and the tremendous endeavor by the Mobile, Portable, and Rover stations to activate as many Arkansas counties as possible. We deeply appreciate all our fine hams who participate in-state, to make the ARQP a successful and fun event for everyone!

We also have many great radio clubs across the state that participate each year and join-in on the fun in the Multi-Operator Division.  Each year a different Arkansas club station joins the ARQP flagship station KX5AR as a Co-Bonus Station, in providing as many bonus QSOs as possible.  (See “Additional Notes” in the ARQP Rules.)

This year The newly formed Alpena High School Radio Club with their shiny new callsign W5AHS, will join ranks as this year’s Co-Bonus station with KX5AR.  Thanks AHSRC!


You are cordially invited to join us for our annual Party!

Before the ARQP:

  • Read and familiarize yourself with the annual ARQP rules (click RULES tab on this website).

  • Download and print a copy of the appropriate multiplier list that would apply to you – there are 2 lists: One for Inside-Arkansas stations and one for Outside-Arkansas stations.

  • If you intend on using logging software, there are several software providers that have programs for the Arkansas QSO Party – these can be found on the OPERATING AIDS page on this website.

  • Although computer Cabrillo file logging format is preferred, paper logs are acceptable.

  • If you have any questions, e-mail them to the ARQP Event Committee at :  arkqp@cox.net. 

  • Send-in your log entry via electronic submission or standard mail (see ARQP rules for correct procedure).

  • Remember, whether you submit an electronic or paper log, your entry MUST be accompanied by the AQP Summary Sheet. The Summary Sheet can be found on the OPERATING AIDS tab on this website.

  • For electronic submission, after you complete the ARQP Submission Form (see Operating Aids page), then send your log extract to: arqp@cox.net.   After you submit your entry via electronic method, within a few days thereafter, you will receive a confirmation reply e-mail that your log has been received.

  • For paper log submission, you MUST complete the online ARQP Submission Form.  After completing the form, you may then send the log in via snail mail (see ARQP rules).

  • Be sure your log entry is submitted early enough to be received by the log submission deadline (see AQP rules).